About Romac Fuels

About Romac Fuels

    A service was already in place in 1989 to fellow known British colleague transporters coming to Europe for cheaper fuel. Administratively, everything was settled very quickly. Romac International was, in addition to the major oil companies, the only Belgian company which was authorized to sell diesel to foreign companies without VAT.

    In 1995 the impact of the new Flemish environmental legislation on the fuel distribution was felt and they decided to build a new station, in accordance with current and foreseeable regulations. The cost for this was so high that it was unwise for Eric Mattheeuws transport to bear these costs alone. So they decided to build a commercial station with the intent to bear the cost of the third-party drive. Because of this they choose for a personal approach to the customers.

    - No active advertising, but encourage word of mouth
    - Deliberately not working with costly elements such as a brand name and banking systems, but on the other hand taking quality over price, and informing the customers constantly.
    - Gas and service stations fully autonomously build (own people are environmental coordinators class A) with BAT (best available techniques), functionality, environmental and costs above presentation and money gain.
    - A private card organization with private number and production of cards
    - Providing everyone, private or business owner or carrier or network organization, access to the system.

    The start of a new station in Calais.

    The opening of our new station in Ostend. It turns out to be a huge success, resulting in the largest station in the region in terms of turnover. In 2001, it is also decided to put the activity into a separate company; Romac Fuels.

    2007 was the year of enlargement in Veurne, after which 6 cars and 19 trucks at the same time could refuel. There were and are more than 9,000,000 liters per month turnover!!

    In 2008, Romac Fuels installs a fuelreservoir with a capacity of 1.000.000 liters Diesel.

    In 2009, extra reservoirs were being installed to store more fuels.

    Veurne turns out so big that the drive is separated, with two telecommunications providers, two power connections, and uninterruptible power supply! Fluxys and Romac Fuels decide to build the first commercial LNG gas station in Veurne!

    Romac Fuels has the first commercial LNG station in the region.

    Mattheeuws started the construction of a Truck- and TrailerCleaning, Mattheeuws Cleaning.

    The construction of the Truck- and Trailercleaning has finished.

    Romac Fuels is working on an expansion of our LNG station, with this expansion there will be another LNG dispenser and the possibility to refuel CNG.

    Romac Fuels has started the construction of our new fuelstation in Houdeng. In the future it will be possible to fill up with Diesel, Adblue, LNG and CNG.

    There already is a mobile LNG station on site where customers of Romac Fuels can fill up.